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A great investment

“I believe that the restaurant industry, the model as we know it now, cannot sustain itself and the industry has to change in order to survive. This is going to be the challenge going forward.” – Chef Marco Nico, La Storia (30 year veteran on why he is changing focus and closing his conventional restaurant, Sunday Tribune, May 11, 2014)


The Taphouse La Lucia opened in 2012 and the Parkhurst branch in 2015. As the name suggests, the company is focused on developing the concept of small, bespoke neighbourhood outlets supporting local suppliers and, in turn, garnering the support of people living and working in the area (“locals”) by adapting the operating model accordingly to suit the location.

Outlets reflect the history and character of the area in which they are situated and friendly staff serve freshly prepared, simple food and a good selection of drinks at affordable prices.

The current economic conditions have seen many investors shying away from concepts that require  a significant investment in both establishment costs and overheads.

We believe that smaller can be better! After refining the concept over the last 5 years we are encouraged by its success, and are ready to explore growing the brand with like-minded individuals.

Our expansion model is not a conventional franchising one, in terms of both structure and fees, but does place great emphasis on direct owner involvement by people who have a passion for food, wine, craft beer and spirits and hands-on hospitality.

An average establishment cost for a 200 - 240 SQM outlet will be between 1.6 and 2.2 million Rand  (depending on the site) . Suitable candidates will require a minimum of 50% of the establishment costs in unencumbered funds. 

To learn more about our concept and the opportunity on offer please

email us:  taphouse@caterzone.co.za​